Transatlantic flights: Required fields

Lots of data travelling across the Atlantic.

The European Commission has formally decided to transfer air passenger data to the US authorities. Data from the following Passenger Name Record (PNR) categories will be stored automatically in US government databases for at least three years and six months. If the PNR has been manually accessed, it remains stored for eight years.
1. PNR record locator code
2. Date of reservation
3. Date(s) of intended travel

4. Name
5. Other names on PNR
6. Address
7. All forms of payment information
8. Billing address
9. Contact telephone numbers
10. All travel itinerary for specific PNR
11. Frequent flyer information (limited to miles flown and address(es))
12. Travel agency
13. Travel agent
14. Code share PNR information
15. Travel status of passenger
16. Split/Divided PNR information
17. Email address
18. Ticketing field information
19. General remarks
20. Ticket number
21. Seat number
22. Date of ticket issuance
23. No show history
24. Bag tag numbers
25. Go show information
26. OSI information
27. SSI/SSR information
28. Received from information
29. All historical changes to the PNR
30. Number of travellers on PNR
31. Seat information
32. One-way tickets
33. Any collected APIS information
34. ATFQ fields
The list is copied from a Statewatch PDF file containing the US demands as of mid-January. Edward Hasbrouck has analyzed these data categories, and he also has tons of information about Passenger Name Records.